International Case Management & Repatriation

At Complete Care Plus Services we provide first class Medical Repatriation
"We are experts in international case management and problem solvers"

Complete Care Plus Services International repatriation & World Wide Case Management Services

We offer specialist worldwide medical case management. Our bespoke medical solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual case.

At Complete Care Plus Services we have a dedicated team of experienced case managers and nurses to support the case-management of injured clients. At Complete Care Plus Services the needs of the client always come first, so that even when overseas you can be assured that you will receive the best possible care and support. We have a multi-disciplinary approach to clinical / medical case management and repatriation. We take care of every aspect  of the client’s treatment and rehabilitation from coordinating their treatment and rehabilitation in the current they are injured  all the way through to finally repatriating the patient back home once it is appropriate and safe to do so.

Our multi-lingual team will liaise with medical / clinical teams overseas, as well as communicating directly with patients or family members, so we can gather accurate medical information and develop the most appropriate way to deal with every case. We review and monitor all cases regularly so that we have the most up to date and relevant information – this helps us take the necessary action at the right time.

Our Case Managers are highly experienced and trained to manage cases overseas. This means that as well as offering you the best solution, we also work with cost management in mind to ensure the insured and uninsured alike obtain the most cost-effective solution.
We have a very positive approach to Case Management and have extensive experience of international case management and repatriation of clients in the most cost effective way. 

We organise commercial repatriations and Air Ambulance flights depending on the condition and requirements of the patient. Complete Care Plus services  case management and repatriation is a multi-disciplinary process involving 24/7 operations staff, highly trained and experienced clinical teams, skilled and caring flight escorts who communicate directly with the doctors and hospital professionals to ensure safe repatriation of our clients.

We arrange the road ambulances overseas, arrange the flights on the commercial airline, ensure that medical clearance is obtained and assign the appropriate medical escort to help repatriate the patient safely. Complete Care Plus Services will also arrange the road ambulance once back in the UK, the hospital admission (if required) and an appointment with the patient’s Consultant / GP.

We have extensive expertise in the field of international repatriation and we can help make the process efficient and cost-effective whilst also making the experience less stressful for the patient and family. We ensure that the client’s care and all their needs are met. We have work across Europe, Asia, USA and Africa. We have extensive experience of working in India and have Case Managers based in India, Europe, USA and Africa.  We have contacts with clinicians and hospitals in various countries worldwide. 

Complete Care Plus Services specialises in worldwide case management & medical repatriations, advising when and how patients can be brought home safely.